The Authentic Business

by Wayne Ottum

“The advent of Google+ and the emergence of the personalized web means this is more true than ever. Brands, and their advertising partners, must wake up to this challenge and define themselves with clarity, consistency and authenticity.
Otherwise they just might find themselves shouting in a ghost town.”
Simon Mainwaring

If Simon Mainwaring’s warning holds true, and I believe it to be so, then a business must be built on clarity, consistency and authenticity to stand the test of time.  As we have discussed in previous newsletter articles, you create clarity in your business with a defined strategic foundation (vision, mission and values).  We have also talked about how consistency of action can be obtained through a “strengths-based performance management system.”  So then, what does it mean to define your business with authenticity?  What is an “authentic business” and why is it important to be one?

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