As business owners and leaders, we know that extraordinary businesses, those that are high performing and successful, do so based on a clear strategic plan. But not just any plan, it must be Business Plan with Real Meaning™;

  • A plan that creates a clear direction for the company and literally compels action to drive success.
  • A plan that focuses the day-to-day activities of staff on the very actions that create that success.
  • A plan that guides staff to act in a way that is consistent and authentic to you and your business and yields lasting results for your clients.
  • A plan that drives performance and accountability to clear performance standards.

But filling in the blanks in a “one size fits all” business plan template you get from ordinary strategic planning services rarely produces a strategic plan that does anything more than collect dust on your shelf. You may have tried to develop a business plan in the past, or may even have one now, but if you are like most businesses, those plans rarely produced significant value.

You need a Business Plan with Real Meaning™. You need a business planning process that is extraordinary and that yields extraordinary results. Enter our Lead from StrengthStrategic Planning and Assessment Services.

The Business Growth Challenge™ Strategic Planning Service

This is our signature comprehensive 1-year consulting and coaching service for the development and implementation of a Business Plan with Real Meaning™.  This service guides the business owner to define or refine the fundamental components of business success through targeted exercises, review of current documents, staff surveys, group discussions, interviews and facilitated sessions, as needed. In addition, we will author your plan and guide you to create a meaningful plan of action to bring your plan to life and drive business success.  Once the plan is written, we will coach you on its implementation and show you how to review, revise, and refresh your plan year after year.  This plan will not sit on a shelf collecting dust.  This plan will drive day-to-day activity and be a living, breathing, ever evolving plan.  In a word, it will be extraordinary!

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Lead from Strength™ Organizational Alignment Service

In this initial assessment of your business, we “look under the hood” to see how well your business is performing in the six components of an extraordinary business. By assessing the quality and alignment of these six critical components we provide you with a clear picture of where your business is strong, where it needs improvement, and where to focus your efforts in the coming months to set yourself on the course to being extraordinary.

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Lead from Strength™ Strategic Planning Facilitation

In this service, you and your leadership team are guided by Wayne Ottum, a highly experienced facilitator and creator of the Lead from Strength™ methodology, to develop or refresh your organization’s strategic foundation of vision, mission, and values and to develop meaningful performance standards, goals, and objectives to live this strategic foundation in everything you do. In addition, you will receive a written report of all decisions made during facilitations and recommendations for improved organizational performance.

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