Our Mission

Our mission at Lead from Strength™ is to empower business owners to become extraordinary businesses and leaders by tapping into and fully utilizing the unique gifts of everyone in the organization.  Through our customized processes of business and self-discovery, we guide you and your business to fully utilize the power of your unique gifts to build the business of your dreams and intentionally, purposefully and authentically become extraordinary.

Our Vision

At Lead from Strength™, we envision a world where every business is extraordinary; businesses that “lead from strength;” tap into the unique gifts of its people and those people are naturally and authentically creating extraordinary success for the organization and extraordinary value for those the business serves.

We see a world where every individual in the organization is “living from strength;” acting intentionally to create ever greater success in their life and career and ever greater success for the business.  A world where everyone is acting with purpose, living a life of meaning and personal fulfillment by using their unique gifts to their fullest to create real and meaningful value, for themselves and those they serve.  A world where we all are acting and making decisions authentically and in alignment with who we really are.

At Lead from Strength™, our vision is a world where every business leads from strength, where every individual in the business lives from strength, and where everyone in the business acts each day with intention, purpose, and authenticity to create extraordinary results!  That is an extraordinary business.

Our Values

We eat our own dog food, so to speak, as we are guided to Lead from Strength™ by these business ethics:

  • Value First: Our passion is to create an abundance of value and to be of extraordinary service to our clients, partners, and community so that the universe may provide an abundant return for ourselves and those we serve.
  • To Continually Challenge: We are committed to continually challenging ourselves, our clients, our partners, and our community to lead from strength.
  • Authentic and Lasting Results: Our commitment to our clients is to develop and deliver services that feel authentic in execution and produce genuinely authentic, positive, and lasting results.
  • Honor and Respect: We honor and respect ourselves, our partners, and our clients by being reliable, responsible, and accountable in all we think, say and do.
  • A Positive Attitude: We approach our work with energy, pride, and a positive attitude while nurturing our strengths and creating a healthy work-life integration.
  • Loyalty: We are fiercely loyal to each other, our clients, and partners and we treat everyone with respect, kindness, and fairness.
  • Appreciation: We are truly grateful for the abundance of health, wealth, and love we have and that we challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve.
  • Involved: We are concerned for the welfare of the communities in which we serve, and we are connected to and are involved in improving those communities.
  • Honest Communication: We communicate openly, honestly, directly, and sincerely.

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