These are no ordinary leadership development programs…  These programs will train you and your managers and leaders to become extraordinary leaders; leaders who can create and communicate a clear and compelling view of success in any leadership situation, tap into and fully utilize the unique motivations and gifts of staff to naturally achieve success and leaders who are able to define and manage performance for consistent and effective results for your organization.

We provide our leadership training and coaching in two forms:

Team-Based Training

In this unique combination of team and individual coaching and training, you and your leadership team will discover the nine components of extraordinary leadership outlined in our upcoming book Lead from Strength: Mastering the 9 Components of Extraordinary Leaders and how to use them to become a more confident, authentic, and highly effective leader.  In this six-month training program, you will come to understand that there is a natural leader in all of us that can be found when we tap into our natural gifts to perform the functions of a leader.  You will learn how to master the leadership situation and create a clear and compelling vision of success for those you lead.  You will also learn how to discover and use the natural gifts of those you lead so that they are naturally motivated to achieve success for your organization.  Finally, you will discover how to put leadership into action with clear responsibility, accountability, and authority for consistent and effective results.

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Individualized Coaching

Get all the value of the Team-Based Training in an individualized 6-month coaching program designed to guide individual leaders to become extraordinary leaders.

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