Wayne Ottum delivers thought-provoking, impactful presentations using the powerful and effective techniques found in his books, workshops, and consulting.  He has educated and entertained business leaders across the country, leaving his audiences feeling empowered, energized, and motivated to become extraordinary.

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The following dynamic seminars, workshops and presentations provided by Wayne are designed for business owners and business professionals who desire to take their business and business teams to the next level of success and become extraordinary.  Click Here to contact us for more information or to book Wayne to help make your next event extraordinary.

  • The 9 Components of Extraordinary Leadership: Extraordinary leadership is yours when you learn to master the three “sides” of the leadership challenge triangle, the three components that make up your unique gifts, and the three elements of effective performance management.  Learn what these are and how mastering them will dramatically improve your confidence and performance as a leader, no matter your experience.  Length: 30 minutes (presentation), 1.5 hours (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • Embracing Your Talents™ for Ever Greater Business Success: As a business owner or “solopreneur,” your success depends on how well you can utilize your unique gifts to create that success, to serve your customers and create a fulfilling work/life balance.  Are you in touch with your unique gifts?  Do you know your unique talents, learning style and natural motivations and how to use them effectively to create success and fulfillment?  Discover the confidence to act with intention, using your unique talents to create ever greater success in your business!  Length: 30 minutes (presentation), 1.5 hours (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • Creating a Business Plan with Real Meaning: Many talk about the need for a business plan but few businesses have a plan that is worth more than the paper on which it is printed.  What is needed is a simple yet powerful business plan where every word has meaning and is a tool for driving daily actions and decision making.  Find out how to create your own business plan, one with real meaning, and experience the power and confidence it will give you to drive the success of your business.  Length: 30 minutes (presentation), 1.5 hours (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • The Authentic Business: Today’s businesses, like never before, are being affected by how its clients rate them, good or bad, on Yelp, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many, many more.  The businesses that will survive and thrive are those who do what they say, deliver what they promise and whose marketing message aligns with their operational delivery.  This is an authentic business.  Discover the components of an authentic business and the simple process that will guide you to become one.  Length: 30 minutes (presentation), 1.5 hours (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • Sales Made Simple: Small business owners need every advantage they can to obtain more qualified prospects, convert them to sales, and generate more revenue.  In this seminar you’ll learn how a simple sales process will help you naturally “earn the right” to ask for the business, better manage your sales efforts, save you valuable time and money, and generate more revenue. Length: 1.5 hour (seminar) or 4 hours (workshop).
  • Marketing Made Simple: Marketing does not have to be complex.  What makes marketing difficult is trying to do it without a clear understanding of the value proposition of your products and services, your target market, and the methods that best reach that market.  In this workshop you will learn how to create a simple and intuitive marketing plan to target the right prospects with the right message at the right time to drive more sales. Length: 1.5 hour (seminar) or 4 hours (workshop).
  • So You Want to Start a Business?: Are you in the process of starting a business  in the near future?  Then you need to attend this seminar and get your business started on the right foot.  You will learn a step-by-step process and leave with a checklist of the steps and requirements you must follow for starting a business in Washington State.  Length: 1.5 hour seminar.
  • The Business Growth Challenge™:  If you want your business to grow continuously and profitably then you need to consider ten key questions!  Are you ready for the challenge?  How will your company stack up?  This seminar will guide you to explore your answers to the ten questions and how you can improve your answers to take your business to the next level to achieve the success you crave?  Length: 1.5 hour seminar.
  • The Business Growth Challenge™ Workshop:  This six-session workshop guides you through the Business Growth Challenge™ process to create a business plan with real meaning, aligns your business to your unique gifts, develops a simple, actionable marketing and sales plan, and gives you the tools, techniques and information needed to take your business to the next level.  Length: 6 1.5 – 2.0 hour sessions over 3 weeks.  Also available as a one-year coaching plan.
  • Embracing Your Talents™ Workshop: Imagine an organization where individuals and teams know and understand their unique strengths and how they can use them every day to create value for your business.  Imagine being able to effectively manage staff and get more results with less effort.  Imagine harmonious relationships between staff based on respect, trust and appreciation.  Now imagine living it in your organization.  This half- or full-day workshop will guide everyone in your organization to embrace their talents and respect the talents of others, creating greater productivity and teamwork.  Length: 4.0 or 8.0 hour workshop.  Also available as a one-year coaching plan.
  • The Compelling Value of a Compelling Value Proposition:  What is a compelling value proposition?  Why is having one for each of your products and service offerings THE key to an effective sales and marketing plan that gets the results you want and leads you toward continuous, profitable business growth?  How do you create this and utilize it for marketing and sales success?  We will show you how!  Length: 1.5 hour (seminar) or 4-8 hours (workshop).
  • Creating a Culture of Growth: Are you creating a culture in your organization where growth is the fundamental value, and where personal and professional growth fosters top performance, driving growth from the inside out?  This presentation explores the ten questions you need to ask continuously to create a culture that drives growth, year after year.  Length: 1.5 hour seminar.
  • Understanding Organizational Change: Learn a simple model for predicting resistance to help you manage change in your organization.  Learn why people and organizations (they are people too, you know) resist change, even change that is good for them, and how to help overcome that resistance and implement real, positive change in your organization.  Length: 1.5 hour seminar.

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