The Extraordinary Business and Leader

The Extraordinary Business is a business where everyone is working intentionally toward your unique vision of success.  It is a business with a clear purpose that focuses everyone’s day-to-day activity.  It is a business where values drive decisions and the decisions reached are consistent and authentic.  It is a business where staff know what is expected of them and where they use their unique gifts to deliver extraordinary results.  It is a business where those you serve receive extraordinary value and thus it is a business that delivers extraordinary financial results.

The Extraordinary Leader is a leader who Leads from Strength™!  They are able to quickly and effectively assess any leadership situation and then tap into and fully utilize their unique gifts and those they lead to create extraordinary results.  They set and measure performance, provide timely and effective feedback, and quickly and generously reward success.

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Leaders throughout history have guided and inspired others to do great things. Extraordinary leaders do this by using the unique talents of those they lead. These extraordinary leaders understand that when people are given the opportunity to do what they do best, extraordinary results are possible. They know it is not about them, the leader, but about getting others to act to create success because they want to. In fact, it is about getting others to act because they feel compelled to, because it is simply who they are.

This book will help you understand 9 basic, key components of leadership that when mastered, will make you an extraordinary leader; a leader that guides and inspires others to do great things through the use of each person’s unique talents.

When you Lead from Strength™ you create a business and culture that is positive, productive and fun where individuals are invested in the future and dedicated to your business success.

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The Business Growth Challenge™ process guides you to create a plan to become an extraordinary business. But this is no ordinary business plan.  It is a plan with real meaning because it is true and authentic to what you truly envision for your business.  Imagine everyone in your business driving toward a shared vision of business success!  Imagine having a corporate mission that focuses daily activities, improves productivity and drives sales. Imagine having a set of corporate values that guides and simplifies decision making to keep your business moving in the right direction. Imagine having clear measures of performance and everyone knowing how they need to perform.  Imagine having the confidence to act each day to achieve the results you desire so you can make your business extraordinary. This clarity, confidence, and power can be yours today when you take the Business Growth ChallengeClick here to find out moreClick here to request an initial consultation.

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– Improve performance, focus activity, and decrease expenses…
– Make smarter, faster decisions…
– Create a more meaningful and fulfilling work-life integration…
– Develop loyal, committed, and driven employees…

Whether you simply want to take your business to the next level, have a pressing business performance issue, or are ready for the challenge to be an extraordinary business, get clear, practical advice from Wayne Ottum, creator of Lead from Strength™, with a FREE, no obligation consultation.  YOU and your business are the focus of this consultation, and Wayne will guide you to discover and implement the answers you seek.  Answers that are in alignment with you and your business!
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Who We Are

Our mission at Lead from Strength™ is to empower business owners to become extraordinary businesses and leaders by tapping into and fully utilizing the unique gifts of everyone in the organization.


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