You are a business of one!  You have dreams and desires that create a compelling and exciting direction for your life in the same way that a corporate vision defines and drives a successful business. You have “products” and “services” that provide unique value to those you serve. When fulfilled, these values give your life purpose, meaning, and focus in the same way that a truly successful business focuses its activities through its core mission. Additionally, a life lived according to right aligned ethics—that you define, will set you apart in the same way that a business rises above all others by following its corporate values.

We challenge you to discover the incredible power behind defining and applying these proven business principles to your life, your business of one!  This book will help you discover your unique purpose, create your clear vision, and define your core values. As a result, you will act with greater confidence and LIVE - not just dream about - the life you desire, each and every day!

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